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Anchor Point Services in Melbourne

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Edge Access installs and certifies anchor points on high-rise structures in Melbourne. Call us!


Edge Access installs anchor point systems for better protection and increased safety for those working at heights. We can design, engineer, install and certify all kinds of rope access and fall arrest anchor points.

Whatever the complexity or size of the job, we provide access solutions to all difficult-to-access sites. Note that investing in a solid anchor point system is beneficial in the long run as most building maintenance works are done using the rope-access system. Call us now!

For increased safety and better protection


Anchor Point Services Melbourne


Edge Access installs rope access and fall arrest anchor points for different types of structure, including:

  • Concrete buildings
  • Steel beams
  • Metal roofs and more

An efficient anchor point system with fall arrest is essential to prevent serious injuries and fatalities for your workers. These will cut out the need for scaffolding, swing stages and other expensive machinery used for elevation in building works.

Preventing injuries and fatalities


Anchor Point Services Victoria

Schedule a meeting with us for the installation of anchor points on the facade of your building!

We install anchor points with a fall arrest system for better protection and increased safety. Call us!

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